Metal hose

Metal hose

Empire has advanced automated production lines of metal hoses and bellows expansion joints, with complete supporting equipment and facilities and advanced technologies. Our products are produced in compliance with EJMA standards and Chinese GB series standards, in reference to technical requirements in U.S., Japan and Germany. The production process is designed and optimized by computer technologies. Our products cover various specifications and product lines with sound quality. 


I. Structure

Our stainless steel hose, stainless steel bellows, stainless steel flexible connectors are all produced from imported materials: SUS304 (0Cr18Ni9), SUS316 (0Cr17Ni12Mo2) and SUS316L (00Cr17Ni14Mo2). The products are produced from thin-wall SS pipes by hydroforming, and are also available with special-fitting mechanism except threads and flanges, which makes our products easy to connect and use.


II. Features

1. Good resistance to corrosion and high/low temperature and good sealing tightness.

2. Protection to wires inside from damages by mice or abrasion.

3. Good bending performance, tensile strength, lateral pressure resistance and long service life.

4. Good flexibility and elasticity. Easy to thread, install and position.

5. Complete supporting hoses, easy to connect to various instruments and devices.


III. Use

Metal hoses are ideal compensating components in length, temperature or angle, and are widely used in industries including aviation and aerospace, metallurgy and petrochemicals, mining, steel plants, machinery, electronics, medical care, hygiene, textile, building, air conditioning, locomotive, fuel gas and fire control. Metal hoses (Spec. 3-150mm) are also used as protective pipes of signal wires, power transmission cables and optical fiber cables, as well as shower hoses for civil use. Small-diameter (I.D. 3-25mm) is mainly for use as protection to sensor circuits of sophisticated linear scales and industrial sensors.


IV. Function

1. Because of its excellent flexibility and very small stress within the rated bending radius, metal hose has successfully solved the difficulties in installation due to space limitation in sophisticated pipeline systems and also serves as protection to safe operation of the pipeline system.

2. As a flexible pressure-proof pipe, when metal hose is used in liquid delivery systems, it compensates the relative displacement between machines and equipment, absorbs the vibration energy and reduces vibration and noise.

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