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Empire provides the following warranty policies to users of our rubber hoses, tubes and other assemblies:


1. Empire provides our products and services in strictly accordance with terms and technical requirements in related contract.


2. Empire delivers our products on time to designated location as specified in the order and ensures satisfaction of our users.


3. Please inspect in time after receipt and inform us of any problem found.


4. Empire provides free technical supports in the installation and debugging process. If assembly processing is required, Empire may provide complete techniques of hose lockup, processing and testing.


5. Please use the products in strict accordance with the related instructions and in allowed conditions.


6. Empire provides round-the-clock after-sales services and will give explicit replies to any question found as to use of our products ASAP, and assist our customers to analyze and solve their problems.


7. Empire provides free repair, replacement and refunding for all products found defective as a result of production.


8. Please deliver your opinions and advices on our technical services and other issues, via telephone, fax or E-mail. 


We provide quality products at reasonable prices, thoughtful after-sales service and reliable credits, and are looking forward to your visits and cooperation. Empire is willing to join hands with our customers and make new glories.

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