Gas drainage and discharge hose for mining

Gas drainage and discharge hose for mining

EMPIRE gas drainage and discharge hose for mining is produced from environment-friendly plastics, which takes polyethylene as main material with auxiliary flame-resistant and anti-static agents.


I. Features

1. Large bending capacity. It may be bended to bypass barriers and is easy to supply the hoses to job areas underground, reduces consumption of hose fittings and work intensity.

2. Good resistance to corrosion. This hose is able to resist corrosion by many types of chemical media underground, where the production environment is poor and liquid is rather corrosive.

3. Good flexibility and impact resistance. Good pressure capacity protects hose from cracking when crushed directly by heavy objects.

4. Good resistance to distortion. It has better tensile strength and elongation than steel pipes under the same conditions, so that when foundation settlement occurs, the hose is able to remain intact at certain distortion, however, steel pipes are very likely broken or cause sparks in collision and thus produce safety risks.

5. Stable flame resistance and anti-static performance. Special coupling agent is used to realize surface activation of anti-static flame resistant agent, to form a molecular bridge and fuse with the resin base. A small amount of such agent is needed to realize excellent resistance to both flame and static electricity.

6. Small flow resistance. Smooth wall surface and small friction coefficient achieves better circulation over steel pipes at the same flow rate.


. Use

Gas drainage and discharge hose for mining is mainly used in underground gas drainage, ventilation, water drainage and guniting, etc.


III. Specifications











Note: ● indicates available; indicates optional;

indicates not available.


Note: Available in customized specifications and performance as per specific requirements and with supporting accessories, including through valve, T-valve, elbows and couplings.

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