Armored hose

Armored hose

I. Structure

1. External steel wire-braid sleeve.

2. Rubber hose wrapped with asbestos cloth or quartz thermal insulation strap and further wrapped with wire-braid sleeve.


II. Features

1. Abrasion resistance: Protecting hose from damages by collision or mechanical abrasion.

2. Thermal insulation: Additional asbestos thermal insulation layer ensures application in high-temperature environment and prolonged service life.

3. Burn protection: Protecting hose from burn by spray of molten steel and welding slag.


III. Use

EMPIRE armored hose is applicable in conditions with poor working environment and intense changes and demanding safety requirements.


IV. Hose types

1. Armored hose for air supply: Delivery of high-pressure compressed air and inert gases at room temperature and steam and superheated water below 150°C.

2. Armored hose for steam supply: Delivery of steam and superheated water below 150°C.

3. Armored hose for oil delivery: Delivery of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, engine oil and other mineral oil at temperature range from -14°C to +40°C.

4. Armored hose for diluted acid/alkali: Delivery of diluted acid (excluding nitric acid) or alkali solution with concentration lower than 40% at room temperature.

5. Armored hose for sandblasting and guniting: For use in sandblasting or guniting on sandblasting machine.


V. Fitting

Armored hose has exactly the same fitting method and codes as those used with HP hose assembly.


VI. Assembly marking

Armor structure is marked on basis of the marks of HP hose assembly.

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