Special performance hose

Special performance hose

EMPIRE special performance hose is manufactured from rubber with excellent oil resistance and good swelling capacity.


I. Use

The special hose is widely applicable in suctioning or delivery of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, engine oil and raw oil and other mineral oil by plants, oilfields, coal mines and tanker terminals in industries of machinery, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy and food.


II. Hose types

This hose series includes oil delivery hose, steam hose, sandblasting hose, food hose, oxygen supply hose and various types of special hoses.





Performance & application


Steam delivery


Delivery of saturated steam or superheated water under 170°C, working pressure: 0.35MPa (steam) or 0.8MPa (water).


Oil delivery hose


Delivery of gasoline, engine oil, lubricating oil and other mineral oil, working pressure: 0.5~1.2MPa.

Also available with armored structure.

Food delivery hose


Delivery of milk, liquor, cooking oil and liquid beverage, working pressure: 0.5~0.8MPa.


Hose for acid/alkali delivery


Delivery of diluted acid/alkali solution at room temperature, working pressure: 0.5~0.7MPa.

Inner layer of butyl rubber and glass fiber reinforcement layer, when concentrated acid is delivered.

Abrasion-resistance sandblasting hose


Hose for wind driven sandblasting hose, working pressure: 0.6MPa.

Hose for cement tanker also available.

Water tank elbow


Water delivery by engine water tank


Drilling hose


Excellent pressure capacity and resistance to abrasion and oil. For use as flexible connecting hose between inlet faucet and riser flange, working pressure: 10~30MPa.

Metal connectors on both ends

Spiral nylon thread reinforced

oxygen supply hose


Flexible connecting hose on pure-oxygen top blown converter, working pressure: 1.5MPa.

For connection to vulcanized metal flange,

external asbestos protection layer

Dredge discharge (suction) hose


For use in dredging operation by dredgers, working pressure: 0.4~0.5MPa.

Flange may be required as per design.

Boring hose

25, 32, 40

For boring operation in bridge and road engineering construction, pressure capacity: 1.50~2.30kg/pc

Excellent tensile performance of outer rubber layer.

Water tank elbow


Water delivery between engine radiators and water tanks of automobile and tracker. Various bending capacity, good fitting adaptability, good elasticity and thermal resistance of rubber layer, water delivery under 110°C, working pressure: 0.1MPa.


Retractable wind hose


Ventilation hose on automobile, air conditioners or other engines. Thin hose wall, good bending performance, working pressure: 0.05MPa or lower.


Dust collection hose


For use as connecting hose in removal of dust, exhaust gas and ash in purifying devices; corrugated in form, thin wall, light weight and flexible.


Pump hose


For delivery of concrete and mortar by pump truck in construction projects. Good pressure capacity and small deformation under high pressure, good resistance to abrasion and aging. Working pressure: <2.9MPa.


Air-filter hose


Hoses for connection from air filter to air intake, including pure rubber hose, spiral wire-fabric reinforced hose and fabric hose, etc.

Hose performance in compliance with HG/T2491-93.

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