Hose assembly

Hose assembly

EMPIRE hose assemblies are all produced by using high-quality wire-braid or spiral-wire hoses and steel connectors and special crimping equipment. Users may, according to their needs, choose high-quality carbon steel connectors, stainless steel connectors, copper connectors or aluminum connectors. In terms of fitting and threads, our hose assemblies are in strict compliance with Chinese standards, US standards and UK standards, and are featured by accurate data, reasonable structure, easy assembly, tight crimping, safe and durable, and free from leakage or uncoupling even in working conditions of high temperature, high pressure and impulse. Special connectors and joints are also available to meet special needs or customers.


I. Structure

Hose assembly includes hose (or tube), sealing parts, connecting parts (such as connectors and flange etc.).


II. Use

Hose assembly is a common auxiliary part in hydraulic system and is used to connect various hydraulic components in the system, in order to transfer hydraulic power or pressurized media, such as water, air and oil, to ensure liquid circulation and transfer of liquid energy.


III. Working temperature



IV. Expression

Overall assembly length and angle: Place the hose assembly along a straight line, the included angle α measured between a connector and another vertical connector in clockwise direction will be recorded as assembly angle.

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