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Precautions in rubber hose transportation

I.In loading and unloading process, rubber hoses should be handled with care and heavy hoses should be handled by hoisting equipment or special machines, to avoid accidental damage.


II.Rubber hoses and connectors should be handled off ground and should not be pulled along sharp and rough surfaces, to avoid damages toouterrubber layer.


III.Rubber hoses should be classified (in rolls or pieces) andhandled in good order, to avoid excess bending of hose body. No heavy objects should be stacked on the rubber hoses.


IV.Mixed storage of rubber hoses with acid/alkali, oil or organic solvent, inflammables and explosives. Hoses should be protected from direct contact with objects with sharp edges.


V.For rubber hoses that need to be transported in horizontal position, if the hose length is longer than carriage, theoverlengthsection should be properly supported, to avoid friction with ground.


VI.In case temporary storage of rubber hoses is necessary in open yard, workshops or dock, the rubber hoses should be stored in good order and placed on cushions and properly covered, with no heavy objects on the hoses. Besides, the hoses should be kept away from heat source.

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